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Hello whoever is out there. Welcome to my blog. I am hoping to add content to this site fairly regularly. It will be a collection of my ramblings but hope that it’s interesting and entertaining. A lot of it will be in the form of poems, stories, photos and deranged waffle. I am a devastatingly interesting person ( ask either of my friends) and genuinely hope that this is apparent in my works of genius. See you on the flipside. (not sure what that means but it sounds quite cool and trendy.)  The pics below are not of me but my dogs Willow and Sheba (the one with the paint on her head). She is studying to be a village idiot. She has a long way to go. The picture of a deer, well that’s self explanatory. I had just finished a sticky bun and needed my hands cleaning.  The road pic is from Austria near Kitzbuhel. Dont worry, I didn’t take it whilst driving, that would be crazy. I strapped myself to the roof of the car and got my wife to drive.



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